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About Us

About Us

De Chalain & Associates has been in existence since 1988. The inception of this entity dates back to a time when the principal member, an accountant and holder of a business degree, was in the employ of what was known as the KwaZulu Finance & Investment Corporation now Ithala Finance Corporation in the capacity of what was then known as Senior Investigations Accountant and Project Co-Ordinator. In this role, he was exposed to entrepreneurial thought and discerned the often lacking consultative skills and “usable” advice and saw an opportunity to market his skills and thereby make a meaningful contribution to their success

Thus did de Chalain & Associates come into existence and operations commenced in December 1988. de Chalain and Associates has grown and prides itself on having made a significant contribution to the success of a number of businesses while, despite our size being numerically insignificant, our contribution to the development the human resources of our staff and that of our clients without regard to race or gender.

Our many achievements include having been responsible for raising a research and development grant and venture capital finance for a company which went on to win numerous awards as well as having been responsible for raising finance for numerous startups and expansion projects which have gone on to become substantial businesses. We have also consulted to numerous businesses, which have benefited from the various government incentive schemes, which have had a strong impact on their success.

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